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What is reflexology?

Reflexology treats the whole person.  The feet are a map of the body.  The feet have zones and areas which correspond to systems and organs of the body.
Usually thumbs are used to “walk” across the zones.  Pressure is applied to areas where problems are found.  This then corresponds to a particular part on the body and helps it to heal.
It can be help to deal with a wide range of problems as it works on the weak areas within the body. It is a lovely relaxing treatment with many benefits. 

What happens during a session of reflexology?

A full consultation will be taken on your first visit and you will receive a treatment the time of which will depend upon how long the consultation takes.  
You will lie or sit on a couch wrapped up comfortably.  Wear loose trouser bottoms so they can be rolled up to above the knee.  The feet will be “walked” this usually just gives the person a feeling of pressure but sometimes you can also feel what can only be described as bee stings.  Deeper moves may be needed which can be uncomfortable but this is only momentary.
The therapist will let you know where they found areas they thought were congested at the end of the treatment. 

How often do I need to receive reflexology?

This will depend if you are going for something specific then you will need to go weekly it is recommend that you should go for 6/12 weeks or until the problem is helped or resolved.  You may wish then to receive treatments monthly that is totally down to the individual and the reason for the treatment.

Do I need to be ill to receive reflexology?

No not at all it is a lovely relaxing treatment, it will encourage your body to work on any weak areas you may not be aware of.  

Jackie Hilton