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Massage - Also known as Swedish/relaxing/holistic massage

What is massage?

Massage has been around for thousands of years and goes back before the Greeks and Romans when it was used regularly.  
Relaxing strokes and movements are used to aid relaxation and promote a feeling of well-being. The massage benefit’s the whole body physiologically and psychologically (body and mind).  It can help reduce minor aches and pains.

What happens during a session of massage?

During your first session there will be a full consultation.  You will have a treatment and the length of this will depend on how long the consultation takes and also other factors.
You will be expected to undress to underwear and you will receive your treatment.  At all times modesty is ensured and towels are used to cover all body parts other than those being treated.  
If you do not wish to undress then please speak to your therapist who can carry out a massage without oils.  The flow of movement will be impeded but some improvement will be enjoyed, if you are suffering from stress then Indian head massage maybe a treatment you may wish to look at.

What can massage do for me?

Massage helps to relax the body which encourages the release stress and tension which has built up.  Stress can be held in different parts of your body shoulders and neck or stomach and buttocks.  The spine often becomes affected due to the tightness caused and so back pain can be common also.
Stress is an everyday occurrence.  It can be bought on by work, family, financial worries or just 21st century living.  Some people are just born worriers.  Muscles become tight and we stop hearing what our body is feeling.  Releasing and relaxing the body enables the inner workings to improve and for us to hear/feel what is going on so that you can do something about it before it piles up again.
See our page on how to recognise stress

How often do I need a massage?

This will depend on each person but initially it would be recommended to receive treatments for a couple of weeks and then depending on time constraints and finances then possibly fortnightly or even monthly, it all depends on how the body and mind is responding to the treatments and what you are going through at the time.  

Do I need to be ill to receive a massage?

Not at all it seems inevitable in this day and age that we only have treatments when we are ill where as in times gone by it was a regular thing to do. Massage is relaxing and beneficial to all at any time.


Jackie Hilton