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Indian head massage

What is Indian head massage?

This treatment covers the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. Oils can be used and the client can be clothed or partially unclothed. IHM was traditionally seated but it can also be carried out lying down. Swedish massage techniques are used.

It helps with circulation, muscle tension, helps to calm and clear the mind. It can also help to reduce stress and helps with anxiety and sleep. This is a great treatment if you have a lot on your mind and cannot see the “wood for the trees”, by relaxing it helps to clarify the situation and offer some order to the chaos that maybe happening. It may also help with those that suffer regular headaches and migraines.

What happens during a session of Indian head massage?

During your first session there will be a full consultation. You will have a treatment and the length of this will depend on how long the consultation takes and also other factors.

You can either lay on the bed or sit in a chair for your treatment. If you wish for oils this is optional you may wish to take your top off and cover up in a towel or blanket. You will then just relax and enjoy your treatment. Massage is through the scalp so please be aware you will have messy hair at the end but its well worth it.

What can Indian head massage do for me ?

It can help with symptoms and ailments of stress, the bodies normal functioning is disrupted. With adrenalin in the blood stream it causes blood pressure to rise and muscles to tense. See our list of Signs of stress

IHM helps the mind and body to relax and over a period of time de-stress. Allowing the mind to relax helps with the flow of information. The bodies systems receive clearer messages and muscles relax.

This treatment helps in everyway with stress related issues, having checked out the signs of stress list you will know how they can impede your daily functioning and how much better you will feel once they are lifted.

How often do I need to go for an Indian head massage?

At first if treating a specific problem then weekly treatments are recommended but after that according to time and financial constraints then perhaps fortnightly or monthly.

Do I need to be ill to receive Indian head massage?

No not at all, anyone receiving this treatment will leave feeling relaxed and refocused. With the busy lives we lead these days everyone would feel the benefits


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