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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that accesses the part of the brain that stores all our learnt behaviours, thought processes and experiences that have made us who we are today. Generally our subconscious serves us well but at times especially when life becomes more challenging some of these beliefs and behaviours can make us react and feel in ways that stop us from leading a happy and healthy life. By allowing yourself to reach a completely relaxed state you can retrain the brain and replace these behaviours and core beliefs that are no longer benefitting you. It’s a perfectly natural state of consciousness that you control, which allows you to switch off and become more focused to make positive changes to the way you feel, think and believe.

What will happen during my first visit?

The first session will be an initial consultation where we will discuss your needs in more detail, determine whether hypnotherapy will be a suitable treatment and agree a treatment plan. Any questions you may have will be answered during this session. It also allows you to meet your hypnotherapist and decide whether they are a good fit for you. Hypnotherapy treatment will begin from the second session. There will be a short amount of time at the start and the end of the session to discuss any part of your treatment. Sessions will be an hour, usually weekly and be completed in around 4-6 sessions depending on progress and for some treatments homework or audios will be available to take home and used after treatment has finished. All will be discussed and agreed during the initial consultation. Appointments are only confirmed with a completed intake form and payment.

What can hypnotherapy do for me?

Hypnotherapy can assist you in many area’s such as;

  • Anxiety – helping you understand what anxiety is and the processes involved. Helping you deal with triggers and danger areas to feel calmer and in more control of these situations. Relieve the symptoms caused by anxiety that are becoming overwhelming and increasingly difficult to avoid.
  • Stress – relief from intense stress that may be causing mental or physical symptoms such as insomnia, through relaxation. Helping you address the areas of your lifestyle that may be causing you stress and looking at alternative solutions or better habits.

  • Self-esteem and confidence – hypnotherapy can help you have more confidence when public speaking or taking a driving test and can help with low self-esteem to help you feel like you are good enough. Addressing any underlying issues or negative core beliefs of how you see yourself that may have been caused from a particular event, experiences or a traumatic childhood and replacing them with positive suggestions and beliefs.

  • Weight management – understanding your relationship with food and replacing the bad habits with more healthy choices that you decide.

  • Motivation – help you to reach your goals and focus on what you want to achieve.
  • Phobias – hypnotherapy can help you to address and confront your fear in a safe and controlled way without causing more anxiety or experiencing anymore trauma caused by the phobia.

Please get in touch to find out whether Hypnotherapy can help or complete an intake form to book an initial consultation.


What happens next?

Please get in touch for more information or to confirm your place on a course please complete an enrolment form and make payment.



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