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Chiropractic treatment helps to sort the alignment of the skeletal system and aids the nervous system.  McTimoney is well known for its gentle but highly effective approach to the body.

There is no cracking, crunching or pulling of the body.  It is know for its precise body work and only the area of problem is moved so there is NO neck crunching on mass for example as only the vertebrae that is out is put back into alignment. 

Bill uses several modalities during the course of his treatment. A history will be taken and then Bill will check you for head to toe.  During the treatment he may use his Activator a small hand held instrument that gently restores proper alignment and motion.  You will feel just a gentle tap.  Bill also uses ultrasound and Interferntial therapy when necessary for spasmys, strains etc.

Many people wonder if they need to get undressed and the answer is no you dont.  A t shirt top is helpful on ladies and leggings of some sort but you can stay dressed.  The next question is what age can have this treatment and the answer is because it is gentle but effective any age even well after retirement age.

McTimoney Chiropractic really can make a difference to your life so if your suffering with any aches or pains - neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hips etc then call and make an appointment its one you wount regret.