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Complementary Therapy

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I'm aware it takes courage to begin counselling and I aim to make you feel safe and welcome.

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What will happen in a session?

I offer an initial, 30 minute, consultation to explore and clarify your needs. There is no fee for this session. We will meet and discuss what it is you're hoping to get from counselling and what I can offer you as a counsellor. This is an important session where we can talk through what is involved in the counselling process. I will explain the practicalities, for instance, appointment times, fees, contact information and cancellation policies. We will discuss confidentiality and what that means in our counselling relationship. I'll also mention the BACP, my professional body, and how their framework of ethical practice supports our work together.

What does therapy involve?

The capacity to talk about life events (past and present), feelings, emotions, relationships, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour with someone you trust. As a therapist I will do my best to help you look at your issues and understand them a bit better, giving you new choices about how to live your life.


Hannah Taylor