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Ballabaci Cupping

Ballabaci Cupping

Cupping is an ancient Chinese method of clearing the body of any stagnation. They believed “Where there’s stagnation, there will be pain. Remove the stagnation, and you remove the pain.” A partial vacuum is formed when the cups are squeezed then placed on the skin. This provides negative pressure and can be used all over the body, where as normal massage works from compression, manipulation and squeezing.

When the cup is left in place on the skin for a few minutes, blood stasis is formed and localized healing takes place. Where there is dead, static blood, lymph, cellular debris and toxins present in the body, Cupping can leave marks which indicates that stagnation has been moved from the deeper tissue layers to the surface, allowing fresh oxygenated blood to nourish the underlying area. They are called a CUP KISS and are not painful at all, they just look like a love bite. The colour and pattern of the marks depend on the level of stagnation in the area, and range from a bright red to dark purple, usually lasting 3– 7 days. If there is no stagnation present, there will be only a light pink mark which disappears in a few minutes to a couple of hours. Sites where there is old trauma or injury may require multiple treatments to remove all stagnation.

Cupping therapy has been further developed as a means to open the ‘Meridians’ of the body. Meridians are the conduits in the body through which energy flows to every part of the body and through every organ and tissue. There are five meridians on the back that, when opened, allow invigorating energy to travel the whole length of the body. It has been found that cupping is probably the best way of opening those meridians.

Cupping has also been found to affect the body up to four inches into the tissues. Which makes it the best deep tissue massage available. It is a versatile method that can easily be modified to accomplish a range of techniques, from lymphatic drainage to deep tissue release. Can also provide a range of pressures.

Treatment covers: Back, Legs (front and back), Stomach, Arms and Face

Good for: Ticklish people (as not much hand contact), Cellulite, Overworked muscles, Fibromyalgia, IBS, sluggish colon, Scar tissue and general detox.

Benefits that may occur during/after Bellabaci cupping treatment:

  • Improves joint mobility and muscle function
  • Aids lymphatic system
  • Clear colon blockages
  • Helps to clear veins (spider veins), arteries and capillaries
  • Helps with IBS
  • Helps poor circulation
  • Clears stagnation and expels congestion
  • Helps to clear drainage pathways
  • Nourishes blood supply
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Helps to reduce cellulite
  • Provides pain relief and decreases inflammation
  • Loosens adhesions
  • Helps to soften scar tissue
  • Helps to firm flab
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Enhances product absorption
  • Helps balance the nervous system by providing the nerve cells with fresh oxygen and nutrients. helping with depression, anxiety and other emotional problems.
  • Increased energy and reduced fatigue
  • Opens up function of chest and lungs
  • Helps with drug rehabilitation
  • Promotes hormone production
  • Opens up meridians, allowing a free flow of Qi.


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