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Are you a runner? I have certainly seen an increase in runners around Cary these past few weeks which is great.  So if your new to running keep attainable goals and take care not to over do it and get dispondent and then not do anything at all. 


Pithers Yard clinic can help with any problems you may be having with muscle pain including back problems.  We offer a range of therapies which may be of help to you.  Those include sports massage, chiropractic and bowen.


Regular massage can help with dealing with muscle waste, any muscle issues such as tightness etc and also may help with training and attaining new PB's.  Receiving treatments is about being proactive rather than reactive to a problem.  This is not just for the beginner but for those that have been running years maybe its time to take a new approach and see if further help improves those running times.


As a runner of 2 years myself starting from running between a lamp post to being able to just about complete 10 miles. I am not a fast runner nor am I a natural runner but I go regularly and love it.  Something I have found is runners are really sociable and happy to share information that is of real help.  So where ever you are on the ladder have fun and enjoy :)


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Written by Jackie Hilton - Sports Massage Therapist